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Aeroflot IL62   AFL61
Aeroflot A310   AFL62
Aeromexico B767 PI 710 AMX4
Air Baltic CS300   BTI17
Air Baltic CS300 BTI18
Air Berlin A330 oversized BER21
Air Bridge Cargo B747   ABW1
Air Glaciers B1900 AGV1
ANA B777   ANA48
ANA B787   ANA47
Balkan IL18 oversized LAZ32
Braathens Helikopter S61 BRA19
British Airways B747   BAW47
British Airways B777   BAW48
British Airways Concorde   BAW14
Brussels Airlines A320   BEL8
Brussels Airlines A320   BEL9
Brussels Airlines A320   BEL10
Brussels Airlines A320   BEL11
Buddha Air B1900 BUDD4
Cathay Pacific A350   CPA25
Cathay Pacific A350   CPA26
Condor Fleet  CFG45
Condor A320 this card is the D-AICE version CFG46
Crossair ERJ145 oversized, 400th Embraer CRX20
CSA TU104 oversized, trimmed left side CSA38
DAN Air HS748 Skilton 315 DAN12
Deutsche Lufthansa IL14   DEUT13
Germania B737   GMI5
Great Slaves Helicopters AS350   GREA1
Harbour Air DHC6   HARB11
Helvetic F100   OAW11
Helvetic F100   OAW12
Icelandair B757   ICE15
Icelandair B757   ICE16
Iran Air A300 plain back, oversized IRA21
Interflug IL62   IFL39
Interflug IL62   IFL41
Interflug TU134   IFL40
JAL B777?   JAL80
JAL     JAL79
JDA N262   JDA1
KLM Helikopters S61   KLMH3
Kuwait Airways B777   KAC7
MEA A320   MEA6
MIAT B737   MGL35
MIAT B737   MGL36
MIAT B737   MGL40
MIAT B767   MGL37
MIAT B767   MGL38
MIAT B767   MGL39
Mongolian Airlines     MML1
Nordic Seaplanes DHC6   NORD2
Phlippine Air Lines DC8   PAL3
Royal Jordanian advertising   RJA15
Royal Jordanian advertising   RJA16
Royal Jordanian B787   RJA17
Royal Jordanian SE210   RJA18
Sabena A330   SAB17
SATA A320 oversized SAT7
Simrik Air B407   RMK1
Sky Europe B737   ESK2
Starflyer A320   SFJ1
Starflyer A320   SFJ2
Starflyer A320   SFJ3
Starflyer A320   SFJ4
Summit Air L410   SUMM1
Sundair A319 SDR1
TAA A300 Aironautica PC-004 TAA1
Thomson B787   TOM1
TUIfly B737 HLX11
TUIfly B737 HLX20
Tunisair Express ERJ190 oversized, non postcard similar front and back TUX1
United Airlines DC3 UAL20
Vietnam Airlines A350   HVN2
Volga Dnepr Airlines IL76   VDA1
Volga Dnepr Airlines AN124   VDA5
Wanaka Aviation C185   WANA1
Yangon Airways ATR72 AYG1