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Aeroflot TU154   AFL60
Air Alliance DHC8 oversized, route map on back AAQ3
Air Astana B767   KZR1
Air Baltic B757   BTI16
Air Canada B767   ACA16
Air India A300   AIC12
Air India A310   AIC13
Alitalia DC9   AZA27
Alsie Express ATR72   MMD1
Amakusa Airlines DHC8   AHX2
Amakusa Airlines DHC8   AHX3
Amakusa Airlines DHC8   AHX4
ANA B767 oversized ANA46
Avianca B720   AVA10
Bahamasair F27 oversized BHS1
BEA Comet   BEA6
BOAC Comet  

BOAC2 back
Bond Helicopter/North Scottish Helicopters S76   BND2
British Airways B767   BAW46
British International Helicopters S61 oversized BIH2
Brussels Airlines A320   BEL7
Cargojet B727 plain back CJT1
Cathay Pacific     CPA24
Chautauqua Airlines ERJ145 plain back CHQ1
China Airlines A330 oversized CAL11
China Airlines B777   CAL12
China Airlines B777   CAL13
Condor B727   CFG16
Condor B727   CFG22
Condor B767   CFG44
CSA A320   CSA35
CSA B737   CSA36
CSA B737   CSA37
Cyprus Airways B707   CYP11
Dan Air Comet   DAN11
Deutsche BA S2000   BAG4
Deutsche Lufthansa IL14 mailed DEUT12
Edelweiss Air A330   EDW7
Edelweiss Air A330   EDW8
Edelweiss Air A330   EDW9
Edelweiss Ai A330   EDW10

Edelweiss Air


Edelweiss Air A330   EDW12
Eurowings A320   EWG23
Eurowings A330   EWG24
Eurowings A330   EWG25
Eurowings A330   EWG26
Folsoms Air Service C206/DHC2   FOLS1
Garuda Indonesia B737 oversized GIA20
Garuda Indonesia B777 oversized GIA21
Garuda Indonesia Fleet oversized GIA22
Garuda Indonesia advertising oversized GIA23
Garuda Airways DC10 oversized GIA19
Germania B737   GMI4
Gulf Air A330 oversized GFA15
Gulf Air A340   GFA13
Gulf Air A340   GFA14
Helisight AS350   HELI12
Helvetic A320   OAW10
Holiday Jet A320   GSW1
Holiday Jet A320   GSW2
Iberia B727   IBE24
Iran Air A300 oversized IRA10
Iran Air A300 oversized IRA11
Iran Air A300 oversized IRA16
Iran Air B737 oversized IRA12
Iran Air B747SP oversized IRA17
Iran Air DC3 oversized IRA20
Iran Air F27 oversized IRA14
Iran Air F28 oversized IRA15
Iran Air F28 oversized IRA18
Iran Air Cargo A300 oversized IRA19
Iran Air Cargo B747 oversized IRA13
Lufthansa A319   DLH220
Lufthansa B720   DLH223
Lufthansa B747   DLH221
Lufthansa B747   DLH222
Lufthansa Fleet   DLH219
Malaysia B747   MAS29
Malaysia B747 mailed MAS34
Martinair DC9   MPH7
Mexicana DC4   MXA5
Mexicana DC4   MXA6
Mexicana DC4   MXA7
Mexicana DC4   MXA8
MIAT B767   MGL32
MIAT B767   MGL33
NAC B737   NAC5
Pan Am B727 this edition shows plan with reg PAA34
Saudia B720   SVA12
Saudia DC9   SVA13
Skywork Airlines DO328   SRK3
StarFlyer A320   SFJ1
StarFlyer A320   SFJ2
StarFlyer A320   SFJ3
Swiss A320 large titles SWR55
Swiss A320   SWR56
Swiss A320   SWR57
Swiss A320   SWR58
Swiss A320   SWR59
Siwss A330   SWR61
Swiss A330   SWR62
Swiss A340   SWR60
TAAG B737   DTA1
Tarom BAC1-11   ROT29
Tarom BAC1-11   ROT30
Tarom BAC1-11   ROT31
Tarom BAC1-11   ROT32
Trans Canada Airlines L10 Dreams Take flight TRAN19
Trans International DC8   TRAN20
TUIfly B737 similar to HLX9 but without text HLX15
TUIfly B737 similar to HLX5 but without text HLX16
TUIfly B737   HLX17
TUIfly B737   HLX18
TUIfly B737   HLX19
Ukraine International B737   AUI5
United Arab Airlines Comet   UNIT1
Xiamen Airlines B787   CXA4
Zoom Airlines B767   OOM1
Zoom Airlines B767 oversized, folding card OOM2